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Pittsburgh Area Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

When a "Routine" Birth Goes Wrong

The worst thing a doctor can do is to treat a laboring mom and the birthing process as if it were a routine. And yet, this is what doctors do all the time. As anyone who has ever gone through a delivery knows, a birth is anything but routine — and when people don't pay attention, tragedy can result.

When You Cannot Stand Up Alone, We Stand Up for You.

At the Pittsburgh law office of Ogg Murphy & Perkosky, we represent clients whose babies have been harmed as a result of a birth injury or other medical malpractice. Many of these children have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is just a fancy way of saying that they suffered a brain injury as a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain at a critical moment during the birthing process. This type of injury is often entirely preventable, and should not happen.

Returning Recoveries for Clients for Nearly Three Decades

Improper monitoring of fetal monitors when a baby is in fetal distress, inattentive doctors and nurses and delayed C-sections are often the cause, in the main, for a brain injury like cerebral palsy. Over the course of nearly three decades, our medical malpractice lawyers have helped numerous families recover significant financial compensation to help care for an injured child with cerebral palsy for the course of his or her life. This includes providing for that child after his or her parents are gone.

We have the resources, knowledge, skill and dedication to make things right for injured innocent clients, and to pursue justice on your behalf.