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You would not think that a patient who had a heart attack while taking a cardiac exercise stress test in a hospital surrounded by nurses and doctors would die for lack of treatment. This scenario is exactly what happened to the loved one of a client we represented in a wrongful death suit. The doctors and medical staff failed to administer aspirin, nitroglycerin, or beta blocker medication to increase blood flow to his heart. Adding insult to injury, there was a delay in transporting the man to another facility where an angioplasty could be performed to unblock his artery. As a result, the man died.

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Medical negligence, such as failure to diagnose someone as having coronary artery disease or that the person is at significant risk of suffering a heart attack is not as uncommon as it would seem. Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice law firm, Ogg Murphy & Perkosky, has been representing clients who have lost loved ones or who have been severely injured due to the failure to diagnose a heart attack or appropriately treat heart diseases for nearly three decades. 

During that time we have helped bring justice to scores of clients, returning awards and verdicts in excess of six and seven figures time and again. There is no reason that the kind of negligence resulting in a person dying or not being treated for cardiac arrest should ever happen.

Failure to take into account a person's medical history, the longevity of a chest complaint or the intensity of a chest complaint can make all the difference in the way a cardiac problem is treated. But this can only happen if the doctor is paying attention to the unique individual in front of him or her.

Failure to Evaluate Patient for Coronary Artery Disease Resulted in Patient Dying of a Massive Myocardial Infarction

We represented a client who lost a loved one from a heart attack because her husband's family physician failed to recognize that her husband was at risk for coronary artery disease. Despite having multiple risk factors, not once did the family physician order blood work to determine the man's cholesterol level, obtain a baseline EKG, or otherwise evaluate him for coronary artery disease. Had any of these steps been taken, it would have revealed that the man likely had heart disease and was a risk of suffering a heart attack. Whether through medications or medical procedures such as angioplasty, cardiac stents or bypass procedures, heart disease is treatable and heart attacks can be prevented.

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