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Doctors often order tests to gain more understanding of what is going on with a patient. But what happens when a doctor orders a test but then never even bothers to review the results and the patient suffers serious harm or even dies as a result? Stroke misdiagnosis, delayed treatment of a heart attack and other failures to treat a patient with the appropriate standard of medical care are called medical malpractice or negligence, an area of law that this firm has been grounded in for nearly 30 years.

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Our law firm represented the family of a man who died from a stroke. His cardiologist had ordered a test, a carotid doppler ultrasound, to evaluate the degree of blockage in the carotid arteries. After the test had been completed, the results were sent to the physician's office. Tragically, the office staff placed the test results in the patient's chart without the physician seeing the report. The man returned to the cardiologist a year later for his follow-up appointment. By that time, his carotid arteries were almost completely closed increasing his risk of stroke. Realizing the delay, the man was immediately taken to surgery. However, he had a stroke during the procedure that should have been done one year prior when the risk of stroke was much less.

We also represented the family of a young father who suffered a heart attack and died after the ER physician failed to look at his EKG which showed that the man was suffering from cardiac ischemia. The verdict we obtained for the spouse and three young children was over 6 million dollars.

Heart attacks, strokes, TIAs, pulmonary embolisms and other heart-related problems can often be treated, but only if the doctor or cardiologist is paying attention. When doctors are rushed, they are not attentive. They are thus unable to discern whether they need to look deeper or take their patient's complaint as a potential precursor to a stroke or heart attack.

If you have suspicions that a stroke misdiagnosis or delayed heart attack diagnosis were at fault in your situation, we can help you determine whether you have a legal cause of action. We do not charge a fee for a confidential consultation; nor do we charge any attorney's fees unless we win a financial result for you. Call: 844.451.0104.

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