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Surgical Error Attorney Pittsburgh

Our client was a gentleman in his 40's from the West Hills of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, he had developed hemorrhoids, which would occasionally bleed and cause him discomfort. Eventually, he was referred to a surgeon who recommended a hemorrhoidectomy, the formal name for the procedure of removing hemorrhoids. It is a relatively quick, simple procedure with little risk to the patient. My client had the procedure done in a suburban Pittsburgh hospital, on a same day basis, meaning our client had the procedure and was sent home the same day.

As simple and risk free as a hemorrhoidectomy is supposed to be, it is important that the surgeon remove only the hemorrhoids and minimize any surrounding tissue loss from the rectum or anal canal. Unfortunately for our client, the surgeon negligently removed the majority of mucosa from his anal canal, leaving him with large, open raw wounds that would not heal. After enduring ongoing bleeding for a couple weeks, our client presented to another hospital in Pittsburgh where the devastating damage to his anus and rectum was discovered. The damage was so great that our client had to undergo a temporary diversion from his rectum. That is, he had to have a colostomy bag so that his anal wounds could heal. Sparing you further details, our client has never made a full recovery.

Handled by Attorney John Perkosky, we filed a lawsuit in Allegheny County which ultimately resulted in a significant settlement for our client to compensate him for his physical damages such as his pain, suffering, disfigurement caused by the surgeon's negligence.


​​Six Figure Settlement – Surgeon botches simple hemorrhoid procedure permanently injuring patient.