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Yearly, many people in or around motor vehicles are seriously injured or lose their lives in car accidents in the United States. In the state of PA , there have been over 78,000 injuries that resulted from car crashes in a single year. In many cases auto insurance companies will try to get you to accept a check that will in turn sign away your rights to compensation that you deserve. Before signing any insurance agency documents related to your personal injury, speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows your rights and the compensation that you may be entitled to.


A Pittsburgh business or private property owner must keep the full area of the property safe for persons who are on the property legally. Though, the fact that someone has been injured on the property does not routinely imply that the owner of the property is liable of personal injury. First, the condition of the area where the accident took place must be examined. They type of footwear that the victim was wearing at the time may be examined to see if they played a part in the personal injury accident.  When and only if it can be demonstrated that the surroundings are such that the safety of people on the property has been jeopardized, the owner of the property can then be held liable for the personal injury.


A wrongful death personal injury  claim can be filed when a person suffers a death as a result of another person’s negligence. Though a death can be caused by numerous types of events, there are some very specific matters that are involved with this type of claim. Only an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury attorney can review your case and give you the best guidance in pursuing a claim.


Motorcycle accidents resulting in personal injury can be more complex than a classic auto accident claim. Regrettably, many people still believe that the operators of motorcycles are more aggressive and reckless than drivers of cars and other common automobiles. Consequently, the lawyer for the defendant side of the argument will try to use this misconception and typically argue that the personal injury accident was the result of the motorcycle driver’s excessive speed or just in general reckless driving. This is why you need our experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers, ready to fight in court.


Construction accident cases can be very multifaceted. Hiring attorneys who have over 30 years of experience in investigating construction accident injuries is very important. On top of that, there are distinctive principles in construction cases and all possible possibilities of recovery should be discovered. Construction injuries from an accident may also occur to a pedestrian whom is just walking by the construction site. It is the responsibility of the construction company to ensure that the employee and non-employees at the job site are safe.


Workers’ compensation insurance ordinarily bars injured workers from suing the employer directly. But workers are permitted to sue a third party, including a contractor, an equipment manufacturer or an unsafe delivery driver. The worker who suffered the personal injury may also pursue the employer if workers’ compensation appeals fail or if the employer did not have insurance for workers’ compensation.


Like all businesses, grocery stores have the responsibility to clear away liquid and powder spills and other potential risks to the safety of every person legally on the property. The property owner has a reasonable amount of time to clean up, or post a sign if they can’t clear the hazard right away, this is what the law allows. If the property owner does not do this, there may be a case for personal injury. 


A product is defective in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when it is unreasonably dangerous to a human being. The key issue here is often the “unreasonable” danger. Some product are just dangerous due to their purpose such as a saw or any other product that is know to be dangerous. Defective product personal injury cases are just as complex as any other injury claim. Important information such as how the product was used and what safety measures were taken will also come into plays the personal injury case unfolds.


Since the year 1998, federal law have been in place that require each passenger car and light truck to be equipped with at least dual front airbags. Yet, as with all products, on occasion airbags do not function properly. When airbags do not deploy properly, the vehicle occupants in the front seats are at the risk of very serious injury and in some cases even death.


Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania use dram shop laws as the only remedy in a lawsuit looking for compensation for damages from personal injuries that occur from a bar or casino that has improperly served alcoholic drinks to a person who is seen to be “visibly” intoxicated vs relying on blood alcohol levels. A personal injury case may also result from serving a minor that resulted in injury or even a personal injury caused by a bar fight. In some cases the intoxicated person can sue the bar. There must always be a direct link between the injury and the bar. If you have questions about an injury or accident in Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania contact our Pittsburgh Personal Injury attorneys.


Every year, many babies are born in the Pittsburgh area without any child birth complications. But for some families, birth injuries occur.  A birth injury is an injury the child sustains during the process of child birth due to medical error. Not all birth complications are caused by the fault of another, and this is why it is important to speak to an injury attorney such as our law firm, who has dealt with a large number of birth injury cases.


Burns from a personal injury can occur due to the carelessness of others. Severe burn personal injuries can come from vehicle accidents, defective electrical wiring, hot water heaters, Lithium Ion Batteries and other defective products.


An owner or business is responsible for keeping the property in safe condition for individuals lawfully living, working or visiting the property. Consequently, fires and the personal injuries resulting from improper use or maintenance can result in liability.


Forklift accidents can happen anywhere that forklifts are in use such as in industrial settings and even lumber stores and other retail locations. Workers comp and Personal injury can apply to forklift accident claims. 


When looking at information on transportation accidents and injuries, buses tend to be one of the safest forms of ground transportation. But when bus accidents occur, they bring all of their massive size and weight to bear on the person or vehicle they hit, causing very severe injuries or death. When bus accidents injure the people on board, the injuries can be worse than car accident injuries since buses very seldom contain seat belts or other restraints.


Pennsylvania dog owners are legally liable for injuries their dogs cause while illegally running loose, but they may also be liable for dog bite injuries to people who are lawfully visiting their homes. A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer can help you sort out how the law applies to your personal injury case.


Unintended incidents comprise nearly 88% of yearly injuries to children. Personal injury accidents claim the lives of nearly 9500 children every year. Daycare injuries, school injuries, and any injury to a child due to the carelessness of another may qualify as a personal injury case. 


Premise liability claims can result from insufficient security. The victim is claiming that something occurred on the premises of a business that could have been prevented if there had been better security in place. This can result from criminal activity or safety issues on the property. 


Many professions in the US present a great risk of knee or joint injury because of slips and falls or being struck by various objects at a job site. Construction workers in Pittsburgh often sustain knee injuries by getting off or on  work equipment that was in poor condition or improperly placed..


Beyond pain and physical challenges, changes in quality of life may occur, including severe depression and other psychological conditions.


The level of severity of neck injuries and back injuries is contingent almost completely upon the nature of the personal injury accident that caused the specific injury. Regardless, however, it is extremely important to consult with a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney who understands these specific injuries so you know your options for personal injury compensation.


Numerous personal injury clients have suffered nerve damage as consequence a car accident, slip and fall or work accident. Symptoms of nerve damage often do occur instantaneously following a trauma, but develop over days and weeks into the future.


A scar is the end result after the skin has healed and repaired the open wound naturally. A scar can be a significant component to a personal injury claim. Personal injuries that result in scaring can often have psychological effects on the victim as well as cause people to look at the victim in a different way. 


School bus drivers and companies have a responsibility in transporting children, and for the reason, they need be held to the very highest level of safety. Many new rules have been put in place to help keep children free of injury while in the care of school bus drivers, but these rules and regulations are unfortunately not always followed and this is when preventable injuries occur.


In sidewalk accidents, one common question is whether the local town or the owner of the neighboring property is responsible for the sidewalk’s condition. Sidewalk personal injuries can be minor or severe enough to be life changing. Contact our team of Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys to determine if you have a case.


Electrical personal injuries are a very serious issue faced by Pittsburgh residents each and every day. Electricity, whether it is natural or generated, is an important part of our every day life and can become a hazard to the persons who are exposed to it. If you have suffered a serious injury due to the fault of another person or company, contact our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers today for a consultation on your injury case.