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When the Unthinkable Happens, Attorneys Who Care and Can Help

People call our Pittsburgh law office with heartbreaking stories about what happened to a family member during a surgical procedure. They tell us scenarios like this:

My family member went in for a simple surgical procedure and died in the operating room of a cardiac arrest. Can you help me find out if a surgical error caused this? Was this preventable?

My husband went in for outpatient surgery and was supposed to meet our daughter for lunch that afternoon. Instead, he ended up in the intensive care unit and died the following day. The doctors and hospital are not giving us any answers to our questions. How can you help me pursue justice?

I went in for routine surgery and ended up paralyzed. How can you help me make them pay for what they have done?

When You Cannot Stand Up Alone, We Stand Up for You.

It takes significant resources to mount a medical malpractice case. At the Pennsylvania law office of Ogg, Murphy, & Perkosky, we have the resources, the skill, the experience and the track record to get to the bottom of what happened on that operating table or in the post-operating room (recovery room). If the doctor, nurse or hospital breached the standard of care and there was a surgery mistake or surgical malpractice, you may be assured that we have the capacity to mount and vigorously represent your interests.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have helped numerous clients over the course of nearly three decades of legal practice obtain recoveries in excess of a million dollars as a result of:

Surgical errors, including outpatient surgical error

Doctor mistakes

Medication errors

Nurse and hospital errors

Other medical mistakes

We Will Fight All the Way to Trial to Protect Your Rights

 To protect your rights, to get you the best results, we have found that many times we have to "go the distance" and take your case to verdict. We have a reputation of taking a case to verdict to get our clients fair compensation for their losses.

Contact an Attorney at Ogg Murphy & Perkosky: 866-269-5149

We represent all emergency room error cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we charge no attorney fee unless we recover compensation for you. When you call, you will get to talk with an experienced lawyer: 866-269-5149. You may also contact us through e-mail.

Pittsburgh Surgical Error Lawyers

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