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The enormous size and weight of semi trucks often results in totaled passenger cars, or even smaller trucks. The injuries to the passengers in these vehicles can be serious, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), closed head injury, spinal cord injuries, amputations, paralysis, internal injuries, neck and back damage, and even death. Contact a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, if you or a loved one has been injured as the result of truck driver carelessness or trucking company negligence. There is no fee for an initial consultation.

 Fee Structure for Truck Accident Claims

Our truck accident lawyers know that most people have not budgeted funds for hiring an attorney in the event of an accident. That's the reason we cover all expenses until the end of a case. We hire accident investigators, truck crash reconstruction experts and injury evaluators. When we obtain compensation for you, we are then paid a portion of the funds recovered. If we are unable to make a recovery for you, you do not owe us attorneys’ fees. 

This is called a “contingency fee” arrangement and is common among attorneys who handle injury cases. We can explain the fee structure in more detail and answer your questions in a free consultation. To speak with a skilled semi truck accident attorney, contact us at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky. For more information about truck accidents, call 844.451.0104

​The Pittsburgh Personal injury lawyers of  Ogg, Murphy, and Perkosky have both the experience and resources to get you the compensation that you deserve. A personal injury hardship can leave an individual in a very difficult situation, and the injured person may even find themselves dealing with strong resistance when pursuing personal injury compensation. Our Pittsburgh area personal injury lawyers deal with a large variety of personal injury situations such as debilitating injuries caused by a vehicle accident, workplace injury, private property management, a hazardous product, or a variety of other things. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers are the best in what they do and leave no stone un-turned when investigating a personal injury case.

When you recruit the help of a knowledgeable and experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer, you will then have the ability to feel some relief that your situation is being handled at the highest standards. Personal injury lawsuits that are won or settled in the state of Pennsylvania result in financial compensation for the victim or the victim's family. Below is some general information  to help you understand what types of compensation may be available to personal injury victims and their families.

Personal injury damage recovery is intended to "make the plaintiff whole" after a serious personal injury has taken place. Making an injury victim whole again is not always possible, and it can be very challenging to put a financial number on damages like physical and emotional pain and suffering. The goal is to put the injured victim back in place as if the accident that caused the personal injury never even happen to begin with. Our Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorneys focus in doing this in the most effective way possible allowable under the laws of The State of Pennsylvania. The specific damages that are able to be obtainable in an injury claim can be different from one another depending on the type of case, the specifics of the injury incurred and many other variables.

The best way to determine what kinds of personal injury compensation you may be entitled to can only be determined by an experienced injury attorney with the knowledge and expertise to understand every aspect surrounding the cause of your injury, the extent of your injury and how it will affect the rest of your personal and working life. Experienced personal injury attorneys also have another skill set that includes strategically locating expert witnesses, such as surgeons, scientists, and other professionals to give their opinions on the matter.

The Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyers of The Firm, Ogg, Murphy and Perkosky focus in all major types of personal injury cases and have the incredible ability to give you the very personalized attention that large law firms are simply unable to provide. Many large personal injury law firms in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania may try to settle your personal injury case long before it is time. Our Pittsburgh injury attorneys never tell you to settle your personal injury case until it is time.

Pittsburgh Truck Accident Lawyers

  • drivers’ non-compliance with federal regulations
  • drivers impaired by lack of sleep
  • drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • drivers failing to follow prescribed routes
  • overloaded trucks
  • reckless truck driving
  • load shifts
  • disregarding low bridge warnings
  • truck equipment failure such as brakes, hoses, and couplers
  • cell phone use while driving
  • poorly trained drivers
  • failure to yield to pedestrians or other vehicles

​​The experienced Pittsburgh truck accident attorneys at our firm, Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, help people recover compensation for injuries received in a truck accident. Some of the causes of truck accidents include:


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