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The Pittsburgh wrongful death attorneys at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky want to make sure that the surviving family is compensated for their loss to the fullest extent of the law. This is why our wrongful death lawyers maintain the highest standards of both professionalism and sensitivity.

”Wrongful death” is a term that describes a negligence in which an individual has committed which has ultimately is determined to be the cause of another individual’s death.

Family members of individuals who have tragically lost their lives due to the negligent actions of another have more than the emotions of the death to contend with. Family members may also face a serious financial burden after the death occurs. For some families, it becomes very important to pursue the maximum financial compensation from the negligent parties and their insurance companies.

A wrongful death claim can be very complex. Apart from the personal loss, there may be lost income, medical bills incurred due to the incident and the costs of the funeral for the decedent. A lawyer handling wrongful death claims must be experienced, sympathetic and thorough. Our Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyers understand and go far beyond these standards in representing Pittsburgh and Allegheny County families who have lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents.

In this time of grief, family members are often unable to appreciate the importance of a prompt investigation of the circumstances that surround the wrongful death and the critical importance of the preservation of evidence. These procedures are extremely necessary in determining the cause of death along with the ultimate reason to why this incident has occurred. Identifying the persons legally responsible for the incident will ultimately determine liability in the case.

Pursuing a wrongful death action will not bring your loved one back to you, however, it may ensure that your family will have the financial security that the decedent had intended.

Our Pittsburgh wrongful death attorneys do not charge a fee for personally consulting with you about your wrongful death case. Many people do not have the money to hire a law firm to protect their rights. You also were not financially prepared for this unexpected tragedy.

Do not accept an offer of settlement from the insurance company if it does not fully compensate your family for your loss and protect you from future uncertainties. We cover all of the expenses until the end of any case and then we are paid a portion of the funds that are recovered. If our lawyers are unable to recover compensation for you, you will not owe a fee for our services. This is called a “contingency fee” arrangement and is common among attorneys who handle wrongful death cases.

Finding a qualified wrongful death lawyer in Pittsburgh can be a perplexing search. Our team of Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyers understands the suffering your situation causes and our lawyers work hard to make sure that you receive the compensation you are due. Our experienced attorneys have both a track record of success, and are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Wrongful Death Verdicts and Settlements

On January 21, 2014, Partner, John Perkosky, and Associate, Ben Gobel, obtained an $800,000 medical malpractice jury verdict following a six day trial in Allegheny County. We brought the lawsuit on behalf of our client and her deceased husband.

Our client’s husband died on March 7, 2008, at St. Clair Hospital in Mount Lebanon, a couple of hours after undergoing a bronchoscopy. He, only 64 years old, had recently retired from a long career with the United States Army Corp. of Engineers. The week before his death, He had been to another Pittsburgh hospital for two days for a minor cardiac procedure.

In the days that followed, He began developing a cough and significant shortness of breath. He went to his family doctor, who suspected that he had developed some type of respiratory complication and recommended that he be admitted to St. Clair Hospital. There, he was placed under the care of a pulmonologist.

On the patients third day at St. Clair Hospital, the attending Physician decided to perform a bronchoscopy procedure. This procedure involved inserting a thin, flexible tube into his lungs. As part of the procedure, the Physician performed a biopsy, taking small samples of lung tissue. During the procedure and for roughly one and a half hours afterward, He was closely monitored. This monitoring included having Him on a cardiac monitor, called telemetry, and using a pulse oximeter to monitor his respiratory status. In addition, the nursing staff frequently checked his vital signs.

Despite recognizing that (1) He may have developed a serious, potentially life threatening pulmonary condition and (2) that the bronchoscopy and related biopsy could cause his pulmonary condition to suddenly worsen hours after the procedure, after one and a half hours, the Physician inexplicably ordered that he be placed in a hospital room without any monitoring. In other words, his cardiac and respiratory monitors, which were non-invasive and posed no risk or danger to him, were taken off. Tragically, roughly one hour later, a nurse found the patient lying sideways in his bed, struggling to breathe. A code was called, but it was too late. The patient having gone unmonitored had suffered a respiratory arrest and died. He, who was an otherwise healthy and active man, was a dedicated and loving husband and father.

The patient’s death was preventable and was the direct result of the negligent care he received. After a six day trial, an Allegheny County jury agreed, awarding $400,000 in wrongful death and $400,000 in survival claim damages, for a total verdict award of $800,000. It was our pleasure and honor in representing the family and obtaining justice for them.

$850,000 Settlement – Failure to properly use bed alarm results in fall and death of elderly patient

Hospitals recognize that many patients, including elderly ones, are at an increased risk of suffering a fall while hospitalized. This risk occurs for many reasons. The patient may be weak, unstable from the illness or condition that required them to be in the hospital. The patient may have orthopedic or neurologic conditions that make them unsteady on their feet. The various monitor and IV fluid and medication lines may represent a falling hazard. Recognizing this risk, hospitals have established policies that are designed to evaluate and identify those patients at risk of suffering a fall. And, for those patients who have been identified as being an increased fall risk, hospitals have created policies that put in measures to minimize or eliminate this risk. One recognized method of preventing falls is the use of bed alarms. Bed alarms work in that they notify nursing personnel that a patient is attempting to get on a bed and allow hospital personnel to get to a patient before a fall occurs.

Our client was an elderly lady from Beaver County. She was a widower and former school teacher who lived near her two adult children. She was a patient in a local hospital where she was undergoing some tests. When she was admitted, she was evaluated and determined to be a fall risk, someone who should not get out of her hospital bed by herself. Pursuant to hospital policies, a bed alarm was placed on the patient’s bed. Because our client was older, in a new environment and tended to be forgetful, she tried getting out of her hospital bed on her own. Fortunately, the bed alarm sounded, a nurse responded and was able to get our client back into bed before any harm occurred.

Unfortunately, two days later, a nurse turned off the bed alarm and never reset it. Later that day, our client exited her bed on her own. She fell, striking her head. The bed alarm had been negligently disabled. The patient lay on her hospital room floor, undiscovered, for an extended period. She had suffered a brain hematoma, meaning she was bleeding in her brain. An expected short hospital stay turned into a three month ordeal in the intensive care unit that culminated in our client’s wrongful death.

Representing her two children, we uncovered evidence establishing that her bed alarm had not been turned back on. Filing a lawsuit, on their behalf, the case settled just before the trial was to begin. The settlement gave our clients the satisfaction of knowing that justice was obtained in their Mother’s name.

Wrongful Death- Roofer Suffers Permanent Electrical Injuries

Our client was a young man in his 20’s from Pitcairn, PA. He was working for a small roofing company that was replacing a roof on a commercial building in Wilmerding, PA. That day he was erecting metal scaffolding along the front of the building when he had inadvertently come close to the 13,200 volt energized lines that were running down the street at roof level. A massive electrical shock surged through our client’s body causing severe electrical burns to his arms and hands. While he required multiple surgeries and skin grafts, our client suffered permanent, disabling injuries that will prevent him from ever holding meaningful, gainful employment.

A lawsuit was filed on his behalf against the electric utility company that owned and operated the electrical lines. Based on information that we had, the electrical company’s representatives had been to the construction site only days before the incident and had failed to take proper safeguards. The client and his co-workers could not safely work. In fact, once the lawsuit was filed, we had discovered that the electric company representative knew that the lines were energized and also knew that our client was going to be working in close proximity to the lines. The Utility’s personnel negligently failed to educate and warn our client and his co-workers of safe working distances related to high voltage lines. Instead, our client was under the impression that the lines had been de-energized when they were not.

The lawsuit was filed in Allegheny County and resulted in a settlement before the trial even began. Our client was compensated for the pain, suffering, disfigurement and lost earnings that he had suffered. Given his young age and limited employment prospects, a large portion of our client’s proceeds were placed in structured settlement that will provide him with a guaranteed source of monthly income for the remainder of his life.

”Wrongful death” is a term that describes a negligence in which an individual has committed which has ultimately is determined to be the cause of another individual’s death.

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